Roof top and Balcony design, Landscaping, water system

All environment, atmosphere deserve more Green !


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years of experience with plants of all kind

During those years I traveled between countries that had different climates, various species of plants, and many types of grounds. I learn Technics botanic and I can provide today the expertise needed for planning terraces layout. 

Grew up in Mediterranean landscape
Travelled in rainforest areas
and today living under the sun of middle-east


Create space where it's feel good to be

Carpenter / Landscaper / Gardener / Educative

Our team is made of qualified builders, artists and gardeners. We have a particular taste for design and we are all meticulous workers.
Experienced with:
Tree care / Vegetables Garden / Sustainable Technics / Watering / Composting / String art / Pruning / Grafting / Friendship between plants (how to use different plants together to repels insects).

We adapt our creations to your needs ! If you are a Mojito drinker your garden will have a lot of Mint, Lime and Lemon. If you have young grandchildren, I’ll recommend to build a Cherry tomato wall to let them harvest the tomatoes ready to eat. We love what we do and we love what we plant, the important is that you like it too.

Hot Rainforest : Mango tree, hanging yellow succulent. 

Tea section : Mandarin tree, Kumquat tree , Geranium,Oregano, Zaatar, Lemongrass and Vervein.


With a global objective of a Greener Environment

Our Collectif is made out of Passionate. For all of us, it’s side project that we do because of our wish of Greenification.

Creating Green area in Urban surrounding, to bring peace in the jungle. The whole goal of the operation is to make you change eyes on the vegetation around you in order to make you appreciate the place you live in, to help you understanding it better and perhaps respecting it more in the future.

Specialised in Vegetables Garden and using Feng-shui architecture we ensure a final result that is the perfect match between Useful and Beautiful.
“Harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment”
In other terms, The art of fill your space with your needs.

Feel free to give us a call or send us a picture of the area you want to design and you'll receive a quote in the next day.
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