This is an Mobile App only. See how I stimulate my surrounding by promoting their skills.

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Digital Word of Mouths.

How to network easy, fast and effectively ? I stimulate my surrounding by promoting their skills.

1 simple goal :

Bring local opportunities to close friends, based on the skills I recognize them.

Stand out from the crowd.

Today’s social networks have become essential to be identified and promoted, but at the same time it’s hard to stand out in sea of profiles.

With Haveri’m, I aim to promote you in a very unique way, to connect you locally with the people who will make you grow and visible!

A minimalist design to go straight to the point.

  1. Community. Each of the users is now part of a collective, local, of active people.
  2. Trust. The people I present to you are only close friends that I personally know.
  3. Human. The goal is to stimulate those around me so that they can flourish.
Why Haveri’m ?

Trully value the people you love.

By creating a profile for each member of my Haveri’m, I offer them a professional page that they can use as recommencation

This project is lauched and tested in
Tel Aviv

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