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I'm Etienne

A versatile skill set with a creative mind. Sharp thinking for Sales position, with Technical background.

As Sales Person.

I traveled for 6 years and meet people from over 45 countries different. I master the “first meeting” impression. Passionate about people and convinced that anyone can bring you to a good idea, I know how to make the difference by my ability to Listen.

As Full-Stack Developer

Programmer for 4 years, I built Application, Website, e-commerce platform and today a “Niche Local Network”

Web Developer
Ruby on Rails
Software Architect
Web Developer
Web Developer

Growth Marketing & Automation

Even though having coding basics is always useful, No-code solution are an amazing alternative if you want to save time and focus on your Growth.


“Learning a new language is not knowing how to translate sentences, is understand a new point of view”

Étant originaire du Sud de France, je n'ai pas la prétention de dire que mon français est parfait, mais je suis certain d'avoir l'accent le plus joli.
Hi there,
I traveled 3 years in Australia and New Zealand and live for 8 years in total immersion within English speaker countries.
Hola todos,
Pasé mi juventud tres cerca de la frontera española y las tradiciones con las que crecí están claramente afectadas por la cultura española.
אני גר עכשיו בתל-אביב 3 שנה. זו הפעם הראשונה שאני ללמוד אלף-בית חדש ושפה שנראית כמו אחרת. זה בוודאי מורכב יותר, אבל ההנאה שיוצאת ממנה אינה עולה

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