Web Development & Graphics

Web development, Automatisation and Digital Marketing

Create your content and automate your publication in order to save a lot of time.

Power of no-coding solutions

Automated website creation and synchronized marketing campaigns

Imagine a tailor-made site, managed from a database that update your feed automatically when you schedule it, in all social media at once.

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Web Development

Creation of Prototype and Business Characterization

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Graphic Design

Business cards, flyers, posts facebook / instagram / linkedin / tiktok, cover image etc...

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Web Development and Digital Marketing

After "The Wagon" Bootcamp in 2019, I dive into web development and develop multiple projects for private and businesses. With a selection of the best no code solution i give you full access and power over your business. Until even automate marketing campaigns accross your entire social media platform simultaniously.

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Language Exchange and Networking

Networking Oleh hadashim, Fixie, party, beer coffee, language

Last Project - Mobile App

Share the skills set of my friends to thanks them to be them

With his kitchen style that could surprise the purists, Uriel come at your place to create an instant atmosphere the time of one night.